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The proprietary Technique that Put PJS of houston on the map 

PJS Innovative Cleaning System (ICS)


The foundation of the PJS Innovative Cleaning System is a comprehensive systemized approach to all aspects of the cleaning and operations process with the purpose of reducing costs while increasing efficiency, cleaning levels, and worker morale. This results in a cleaner and healthier facility that meets and exceeds the industry standards. 

PJS has spent more than 29 years refining its cleaning and service methodology with the goal of providing the highest level of quality, professionalism, and value in the industry. The result is the PJS Innovative Cleaning SystemSM incorporating a unique set of features: LEED Green Cleaning, Cleaning for Health First, Team Cleaning, Color Coding, Equipment and Product Selection, Safety Training and Monitoring, and Facility Security.


01 LEED Green Cleaning


The PJS Innovative Cleaning System IS green cleaning. Cleaning for health, safety, and the environment are fundamental principles of the PJS philosophy, even before “sustainable green cleaning” became an industry watchword. 

PJS cleaning protocols are aligned with LEED® credit requirements for certification and developing technologies for continued improvement.

Our comprehensive program includes: 

  • A green cleaning management policy. 
  • Purchasing of sustainable cleaning chemicals and equipment. 
  • Established cleaning procedures. 
  • Guidelines for the safe handling and storage of cleaning chemicals. 
  • A green cleaning program manual. 
  • Cleaning effectiveness assessment audits.

02 Cleaning for Health 1st 


The philosophy of the PJS Innovative Cleaning System begins with a commitment to cleaning for health first, knowing that appearance will automatically follow. PJS carefully selected cleaning equipment and chemicals and designed processes to ensure no cross contamination.

Those processes also maximize removal of the primary contributors to unhealthy indoor environments, including various allergens, bacteria, and other microorganisms, and biological and chemical contaminants.


03 Team Cleaning 

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Team cleaning allows us to develop specialists who concentrate on a few clearly-defined tasks in a systematic strategy for each work area. By focusing on certain types of work, each team member becomes more skilled and efficient. 

Custodians are trained in the specialist cleaning tasks for which they were hired. A successful cleaning team is comprised of four specific cleaning specialists. Each specialist’s area is color-coded with task cards, inspection reports, chemicals, equipment, and material safety data sheets. 

Our cleaning specialists use Job Cards which outline daily job duties and responsibilities for each shift. They also serve as a training tool and clearly identify work to be performed in case of absenteeism. The Job Card lists all the items of special consideration in tenant suites. 

These items are developed from the pre-startup questionnaire and receive ongoing updates as new tenants are added.


04 Color Coding Cleaning System  


The use of colors is a simple and effective communication tool that crosses cultural, educational, and economic barriers. 

Each cleaning specialist’s area is color-coded with flow charts, job cards, inspection reports, chemicals, equipment, and material safety data sheets (MSDS). 

Color coding reduces error and increases the efficiency, consistency, and safety of the cleaning process.

Light Duty Specialist - GREEN

Empties trash and recycling; dusts; cleans horizontal and vertical surfaces; picks up debris from floor; spot cleans carpets, doors, push plates, glass, walls and fixtures.

Vacuum Specialist - BLUE

Vacuums; checks the trash; turns off the lights; secures the area.

Restroom Specialist - RED

Fills dispensers; empties trash; cleans and disinfects fixtures, floors, and drinking fountains.

Utility Specialist - YELLOW

Hauls trash to dumpster; cleans brass, blinds, and carpet; mops tile floors; cleans elevators; handles other specialty services.


05 Equipment & Product Selection


PJS has evaluated many types of cleaning equipment and chemicals over time, ultimately selecting those that best meet the quality standards and objectives of the PJS Innovative Cleaning System. 

One example is the use of color-coded, Stearns chemicals, which greatly simplify chemical mixing. PortionPac mixing cards provide clear instructions to ensure optimum performance of the chemicals and greatly enhance safety. 

Vacuuming has a critically important impact on indoor air quality. Proper vacuuming goes significantly beyond the appearance and the life of the carpet to enhance the health of the environment.

PJS uses the ProTeam® Super CoachVac® with four-level filtration, which is 99.97% effective at capturing and containing particles measuring one micron or larger. Independent studies determined that the ProTeam backpack vacuum cleaner’s ease-of-use and ergonomic design allows workers to vacuum more than twice the area in half the time with less fatigue and body strain. 

Additional choices include microfiber dusting and floor cleaning equipment, which are color coded for each specialist area. These and the remainder of the equipment and chemical selections used by PJS are all consistent with the goal of removing dirt and pollutants, not just moving them around, and providing our clients with the cleanest, healthiest environment possible.


06 Safety Training & Monitoring


Regard for safety of the general public, our customers, our own employees, and the employees of our vendors is a supreme responsibility at all levels of our organization.  Consequently, the PJS safety program exceeds industry requirements.  Color coding, efficient team cleaning, careful equipment and product selection, and thorough training all make critical contributions to safety.  Established processes and documentation coupled with regular safety inspections help to monitor and ensure compliance with safety protocols established by Federal, State, and Local regulations as well as internal policies and procedures.  These include:

  • Company Hazard Communication Program

  • Safety Data Sheet Books with color coded SDS sheets

  • Simplified Chemical Approved List

  • Employee Safety Training Records

  • Monthly Safety Topics

  • Regular Safety Inspections

  • Regular Employee Training and Retraining

  • Self and Third Party Inspection Reports

  • Accident Investigations

In addition, PJS has a full-time dedicated Safety Compliance Manager, who regularly conducts safety audits including pre and post start up safety evaluations, audits, and trainings.  Our Safety Compliance Manager is not only OSHA 30 Certified, but he also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Safety Management from the University of Houston Downtown. 

Safety does not occur by chance.  It is the result of hard work and careful attention to detail on all of our projects by those who are directly and indirectly involved.  PJS also complies with client safety requirements.  Any specific regulations set forth by customers will be written and incorporated into a site specific manual. 

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07 Facility Security


The security of your facility is our prime concern. We will establish security procedures in accordance with your company’s security policies. 

Employees lock themselves inside areas where they are working, when and wherever practical. Workers do not unlock doors for anyone unless properly cleared. We incorporate a dot system using small colored dots placed on door casings to indicate to our workers which doors are to remain locked, closed but not locked, or open. 

All employees are thoroughly screened before hiring. Work records are checked and applicants with undesirable records are rejected. We set high standards for employee conduct and maintain close communication to ensure those standards are met. 

Team Cleaning is a registered trademark of ProTeam®.


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