PJS of Houston cleans facilities for health, safety, and the environment. 

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Specialized cleaning for every industry in Houston.


Office Buildings

The PJS Innovative Cleaning system is designed to prioritize health and prevent contamination by sanitizing and disinfecting the environment.

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Schools & Colleges

Ensuring that each area is being properly sanitized during every cleaning to provide the cleanest and safest environment for the students. 

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We are responsible for creating and implemented effective airport housekeeping methods in order to stay on top of the massive volume of passengers and visitors.

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Industrial Facilities

Every industrial site is different and ready to meet your facility’s specific needs. Let us work around your pain points to develop a specific scope of work unique to you.

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Churches & Religious Buildings

Coordinating with the Facilities Team to work around nightly activities and services to ensure that every area is getting cleaned after completion of nightly events and day services.

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Medical Facilities

Infection Control and Prevention through the knowledge of proper healthcare sanitizing and disinfection PJS custom protocols.

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Real People.
Real Lives.
Real PJS Employees.

More than employees, everyone who works for PJS of Houston is FAMILY. We take care of our employees by breaking industry standard and providing them with the best tools, environment, and opportunities to grow and advance. We believe in the dignity of the human being.

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Don't tAke Our Word For it

Hear from our customers.

Our clients stay with PJS of Houston for years because we do cleaning right. Our systematic approach to cleaning is unlike any of our competitors. We don't skip a beat or miss a detail.

Our quality control team addresses issues before they arise to ensure that our clients maintain consistent and uninterrupted service. Learn more about what our customers have to say about us.