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when you take care of your people they work harder and provide honest and dedicated service 

Houston's Happiest Janitors


Industry-leading compensation is just one part of attracting and retaining the best team members. Our employees work hard to ensure our customers are happy, so we work hard to make sure our employees feel supported and valued. Here are just a few of the things we do to make sure we take care of the people who take care of you.


Free English Classes


PJS offers English as a second language classes free of charge to any employee. The class meets once or twice a week in various locations throughout the city and promotes a curriculum that is conversation based and concentrates on custodial terminology. We try different English Literacy Programs in Houston like English at work, Contact us if you would like to partner.

Providing our employees with free English lessons breaks down communication barriers for those who need help with the language, and enables our employees to fulfill the special needs of our clients.  The classes also help develop the personal lives of our employees by giving them the tools they need to talk to their children's teachers, ask their doctor's questions, and  live fuller lives.


instructors teach multiple levels of english courses

Backpack & School Supply Giveaway


hundreds of employees come through our office to celebrate

At the beginning of each school year, PJS of Houston provides backpacks filled with school supplies to all of our employees’ children. We host a back to school party at our offices to distribute the backpacks and excite the children to go back to school and continue their education.

The Backpack event includes face-painting, a photo booth, balloons, and food. It is our honor and privilege to be a part of improving the lives or our employees and their families. 

1st Class Citizen Employees 


All PJS workers are treated with respect and dignity. Our commitment to training workers to be specialists and our effective techniques of cleaning, create pride in our employees that motivates them to put forth the extra effort to ensure that your facility is cleaned in a manner that always exceeds your expectations. We offer better and more opportunities for employees to move into supervisor and upper management than any other janitorial company.

We invest in our employee's education and professional development. We are their family when in need. PJS has given loans and advances to employees. PJS's generosity with employees has ranged from everything between helping rebuild homes after hurricanes to helping with personal emergencies. We always help an employee in need because they are FAMILY.



party attendees


make above minimum wage 



Employees stay at least 1 yr


Aid for hurricane harvey

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Putting a Stop to Subcontracting in the Janitorial Industry


A direct Hiring Process gives people the security they need to do their best work


Do you know who is cleaning your property? Are the cleaners actual employees of your janitorial contractor? In order to avoid payroll taxes and insurance, including workers compensation and liability insurance, some janitorial companies pay the cleaners as subcontract labor and others hire a subcontracting company that pays the cleaners cash. Unscrupulous contractors who employ these illegal subcontracting schemes create liability for themselves and their customers.

PJS believes that having our employees on our payroll (versus misclassifying them as independent contractors) provides opportunity and security for them, their families, and for our clients. For more information on how we value and provide opportunity for PJS employees please contact us so we can explain the PJS Difference.

To learn more about illegal subcontracting in the janitorial industry, and how it can affect you, click here.


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